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Borrok Family Dentistry


Welcome to Borrok Family Dentistry

At Borrok Family Dentistry, we cater to children and family members of all ages. Our pediatric dentists Salem Oregon specialize in the oral care of infants, toddlers and teens. Let us be your family’s oral care professionals for life.

What Parents and Children Can Expect At Borrok Family Dentistry

Although it’s important for parents to make sure that their children are having their dental care needs met, many parents hesitate in taking their little ones in for regular dental visits.

In many cases, parents find that a general dentist’s office isn’t suitable for the needs of their child; this is why many parents prefer pediatric dentistry. This is the sort of dentist who will make the visit as comfortable as possible for children. The dentist also understands how to look for specific signs that the child’s teeth are developing as they should. If they aren’t, a specialized dentist understands how to carefully and immediately correct oral health issues associated with young children.

Children can expect to visit an office that features a warm and friendly environment when it comes to pediatric dentistry. It’s not uncommon for the office to be equipped with a television that plays cartoons, and this helps to relieve any tension that the child might be experiencing.

The office staff is also very patient with the physical and the emotional needs of the child. Everyone works together to make the child’s dental visit feel less traumatic. When children learn to attach positive emotions to their dental visit, they’ll attach positive emotions to their dental care at home.

Parents should expect to answer many questions about their child’s tooth development, dietary habits, and general questions about the condition of the child’s health. The answers to the questions will help the dentist to diagnose any present tooth or gum infections; the dentist will also be able to formulate a unique treatment plan for the child based upon the answers to the initial interview with the parents.

The parents will also be allowed to be present in the examination room with their child and the dentist. After x-rays are taken, a comprehensive oral cleaning will take place. If any decay or disease has been diagnosed, the issues will be addressed after a treatment plan has been created.

Parents are often told to bring their child in for bi-annual visits. It’s important for parents to follow this schedule, because the sooner the dentist can diagnose decay or disease, the sooner it can be treated. Tooth decay and gum disease can become extremely hazardous to the child’s health if left untreated.

Parents and children both tend to feel nervous about visits to the dentist. Fortunately, the visits become a lot less scary when parents find a dentist who is trained and experienced in treating young, sensitive mouths. When parents do their part to instill proper oral care habits in their kids, then dental visits turn into a friendly, welcomed experience for all parties involved.